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Employment and Living Costs

Unfortunately, the Dorset area does suffer from a large discrepancy between wages and house prices. Although there are well paid jobs in the region, much of the work is seasonal and wages can be low. The tourist industry is a major employer in the area with jobs on offer in hotels, restaurants and at tourist attractions although these rarely offer year round employment. People looking to set up a tourism related business here are likely to do well as 16 million visitors come to the Dorset area annually.

English language teachers can find multiple employment opportunities here as Bournemouth has countless language schools that require staff and the large hospitals in both Bournemouth and Poole are large employers.

For those willing to commute the wider Dorset area offers a wealth of employment opportunities across all industries. Excellent rail links mean that commuting to London is also possible which opens up a wide choice of employment options.

The cost of living in Bournemouth is roughly in line with that of the rest of the South of England and considerably lower than in London. House purchase prices and rental costs are higher than those in the North but comparable to other Southern resorts. Transport costs are average and commuting by rail is the preferred option of many. Food costs are also in line with the rest of the UK with eating out and entertainment as expensive as you want it to be. There is a choice of low and high budget options in the area so you can choose the ones that suit your needs. As there are numerous chain stores and big name brands in the area, goods and clothing can be purchased in the Bournemouth area at the same prices as in other towns in the UK.